Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Naked with Chanel No 5: I can not control all fairy tales.

We are all but players in each other's stories and tonight - more so than ever, of this - I am aware.

There is a villain in my story, a tall and cold selfish villain of a man who stole from me and gave nothing in return who found a vicious witch upon my demise. She took, she crooked, she broke what I crafted and lovingly scripted. She destroyed with one lethal kiss a story I'd spent a decade building and painfully lost. She took from me all grace.

I am the intrepid princess, determined to do right over wrong and give without remorse and create without restraint, I am my own hero. Because in my story - what else might I be?

And yet - in their eyes, I am the villain. The cold, the aggressive, the ungiving. The one who rejected Prince Charming and dismayed his righteous journey. To him, I am flawed, dramatic and unworthy of his triumph. To her - the burden he had to bear on his journey into her arms. He was trapped and she freed him. No matter my story, it is theirs which prevails. I am their villain.

And she, the conniving and ungraceful villain of my story, is simply a princess who after a long journey of lonely pain has finally found the prince charming of her own fairy tale.

So to this I shall resign my own art of words. Two tales of three villains, two princesses, and one prince. It is simply the mirror through which we look to find the story's reflection.

To recognize the characters we play in the story of others is essential, but most importantly to be pleased with the character we play in our own, is the only happily ever after.

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  1. well i have been away for a while Im so glad your still writing.. this means I will have a lot to read to catch up with... your writing is so inspiring and heart fealt i cry sometimes when i read it. thank you agin for being you.