Monday, November 21, 2011

I don't know platonic

There are words in my vocabulary, that I've never really understood.

Yesterday, I spent a few minutes, a gas station re-fill in the chilly rain, wrapped up platonically - cold but arms wrapped, held - sweet. Two hearts inches apart, and yes - just friends. Like you imagine.

But let's be honest.

Without connection, there is no reason to spend time in tandem.

With connection, I am simply not platonic
because for a moment, you saw me
and nobody else ever actually does.

And perhaps I am not lucid, or you might think I am a bit batty - and I've never asked

What's your version of this? What do you imagine might not be awkward?

Because I've never asked. What do you expect?

What do we do the next time we cross paths?

And how do you understand this word


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