Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Rules of an Old Game (a lyrical and temporarily optimistic view)

So I've done some thinking about the rules of the game.
New rules, old rules, it's all the same.
Times may be different than ten years ago
but dating games suck, that's one thing I know.

I see hundreds of guys and gals waiting away,
wondering just if they should call today.
Don't come on too strong! Let them come to you!
But bite your lip anxiously until they do.

And I've certainly charmed more than my share of men
but this time around, I'm not going that route again.
I'm not playing nor coaxing, nor waiting three days.
I'm not letting him lead while hoping in vain.

I'm finding connections and growing my mind.
This endgame is only measured by time.
What matters in this world and what's coming ahead?
What may I take and what should I share instead?

I've been down that road, worn the white puffed up dress
and goodness know that turned out a mess.
So this time around there's no hunting to be done
No scheming no dreaming, no prize to be won.

I'm of simple people - made of water and dust
created to love and be loved, learning what to give
and when to trust.

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