Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Getting Back to Santa Croce: Tix Confirmed

So yes, it's totally Eat-Pray-Love of me but today, on the day I finalized the end of one very long, very trying, in early times precious and later times heartbreaking era - I bought a plane ticket to Italy. The last time I spent quality adventure time in Europe was in 2000, before so many things happened. How very different the life I have lived these past eleven years was than what I imagined when first moved by the creative vortex of Santa Croce.

In preparation for the upcoming adventure, I wonder what sort of featured blog I should write. It's a perfect series opportunity, I'm just perplexed at what I want to learn about myself these days.

With all my darling readers in tow, I've wandered down the road of Abandoning the Little Girl, ending up right back where we started. Turns out, the little girl inside is just never going to go away and in-fact I quite like her. She's often covered in salty-sandy sunscreen playing in the waves or dirt covered climbing up the nearest mountain. She's sometimes dreaming of being a princess and fairly sure she'd like to rule her kingdom instead of waiting around for prince charming. Yep, I like her quite well.

Then we played with being Naked with Chanel No. 5 for 40 days during my self imposed man hiatus. My Late Lent was actually quite fun. Yet while I was able to halt a terrifying pattern of truly bad man decisions - I'm still pretty much the same passionate, fiery, occasionally confused and eternally loving woman I was before. I now just enjoy the subtle sensuality of Chanel No. 5

So what shall I learn in preparation for Italy? Is it just another opportunity to affirm those basics I know to be true? Maybe I'm meant to spend the summer re-embracing a journey with the same abandon I did at eighteen. Is it time to re-open my scrap book and flip through the pages of aspiration?

Perhaps it's just about getting back to Santa Croce. Armed with nothing but a backpack, a map, and an open ended train ticket. A renewed passport to freedom.

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