Friday, June 17, 2011

So lets talk about Highs and Lows

Yeah - well we've all had that day. That 24 hours where the roller coaster of emotion shakes you from head to toes and you can't entirely make sense of your highs and lows. Let me tell you about mine.

I had lunch yesterday with my father for the first time since my head got knocked silly while riding in the back seat of a cab and then by a dumb ass drunk driver. He reminded me that in fact it was partly my fault that he and momita didn't show up while I was all wobbly to bring me groceries or frankly even to say yo. See I had told them just a few days prior that I didn't want the bad, the mean, the angry any more. If we couldn't make it good, we best not bother. My fault that my parents couldn't or wouldn't help me....maybe. One thing is for sure, nobody is ever a perfect daughter but I'm not sure you can expect perfection from anyone.

Then I got a call from my soon to be ex husband. Now a big part of the whole finalizing shenanigan has been health insurance. Post head knocking, I wanted to be sure I was covered through my regaining of sensibility. Frankly I credit our mediator for that logic because lord knows I was def lacking during that phase. Turns out Ex Husbandriffic's switching firms and I'm gonna be up shizzit creek come day 30. I suppose it was interacting with Pops that reminded me how to be cold and "constructive" so I maintained my calm when he informed me I best pay for my own self and reminded him he was legally obligated to cover me til next month. For god sakes - cool ol' daddy got him that gig and any subsequent opps are surely derivative.

But somewhere amongst the ickness of yesterday, I got the idea to interview a pretty awesome dude for my other blog. He's a newsmaker despite all odds and I hit him up email style and we had a fantastic convo this AM. That lil chat led to hundreds, and I joke not, hundreds of hits on my newest adventure: I was reminded that I am not so crazy, no so bad, in fact - I actually have a talent or two that people like. Hello High! Nice to see you.

And now, one more low. I've been working my ghetto tail off to make up for a really crappy grade in Stats the first semester of graduate school. I needed at least one A this semester to secure my continued enrollment in the learning to be a business person class of 2012 for 120k at UCLA. It's like attempting to win a marathon against a Kenyan and why the eff a poet is up against financial brainchildren, I'll never know. But some races, I simply can't win. So hey - yay, B+ in Accounting for Managers. $1400 in tutoring, 100 hours of studying, yeah middle of the freaking pack, and still not enough to lock and load. Here's hoping Econ comes through. Couldn't have worked harder.

Long winded, confusing, frustrated. But at the end of the day, people seem to still think my opinion is funny so at least there's that.

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  1. OK - Gotta share a little update on this one. Got an A in Econ - solid lock and load, let's do this, kick ass, yes fist pump kinda moment. just goes to show you that even on the bad days, odds are there's a good one around the corner. :-D