Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I might be in luvst again

Crap - So I totally broke the 40 day hiatus by making out with a dude. That's ok, fasts are meant to be broken, hence the word breakfast, but frankly this kissing issue is the least of my problems!

See the real deal is, despite a 40 day break, I'm perpetually nail biting confused and soul aching lust/love with someone that is sure as shallots not likely to love me back and I've got to figure out what to do about it.

My best friend calls it 'The Condition of Hot Guys" - the super cute ones are always straight up crazy trouble, but rats they are fun. She has thus determined that my alter ego "The Nerd Hunter" is a far safer sexual superhero to embrace. Yet I can't help it. I like the guy who embraces danger, adventure, is sexy AND challenges me intellectually, and at 6' something - makes me feel small. (Why in heck's sake does a woman like me, ever want to feel small?!?!)

Here's the deal - I want to drive down a road of adventure all night long! I want to risk it because yes, I am a decidedly risk prone investor and I'm willing to go for the highest reward. It's not going to happen by choosing anything but fire. I just need to figure out how the hell not to get burned.

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