Thursday, June 16, 2011

Alright Dudes

So here's the scoop, kinda sick of dudes being dudes. Hef, Gene, Wiener, Newt, Uno, Dos, That Guy - (yeah those last three are nicknames). Please dear god of man logic explain to me exactly what makes your average dude able to think that even though he's a bit on the portly side, less than hot, in his late 30s, and ambiguously employed,  be so damn certain he's waiting for freaking V.S. models?!?! I'm not bitter (doth she protest too much) but I am pretty serious on this one. Most guys are just not all that!!!

Hef - You are super duper proud that you could tweet about spending the evening with six women the day after your 24 yo broke off the engagement - dude, you are an old raisin! Aint no viagra making that work. Please stop pretending.

Gene - Don't be an idiot - Shannon rocks and you really really shouldn't be such a dick.

Wiener - Dude, put down the goddamn camera phone.

Newt - Ewwwww

And all the rest of you - Yeah, it's way fun for you (but decidedly confusing for her) for now, and at a certain point, just like our dear friend Gene has learned - being THAT GUY is going to peter out and you will have blown something you wish you didn't and probably lost a friend you wish you hadn't.

And as I tuck in watching Love Bites when I should so totally be finishing HW for my Leadership Case Study, all I can say is - Alright Dudes, waiting for one of you to drop the dude and act like a man.

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