Sunday, May 1, 2011

Naked with Chanel No 5: Day 9 - Bookends of Inspiration Help

This evening, I planned just a few minutes ago to write something curt and uninspired about how there is no Naked no Chanel no No 5 after the weekend I've had. Then, as I fast forwarded my way through an Army Wives commercial break, there she was - My perfume inspiration on the tellie.

It reminded me, that somewhere before the sunset, I talked about book-ending with my best friend. You take a day, that shouldn't be perfect and you surround it with those thing that offer peace, relaxation, calm. I started this morning with a seven mile climb and a friend who wasn't sure she'd make it and another who sprinted ahead. I bridged the distance between the two, establish a new connection, and inspired a few girls to Rise & Shine.

Then I studied finance. A lot.

But after a five hour study session of something I really am not all that inclined to, but seemingly can pick up - I hit the beach, watched a sunset, and breathed again the sandy freedom of a pretty effin cool life.

Now, I know that book-ending most days with this sort of awesomeness is pretty rare. I am blessed to be able to be sun-kissed, brain beaten, and mountain inspired. But I will say that for sanity's sake, taking the time to have ritual, to frame a day, with something you love at the beginning and the end, will make almost any day tolerable. Ladies, find a way to do this. Make your ritual.

So I curl up tonight with moderately crispy skin on soft sheets, gentle,calmed and ready to embrace a Monday, but only after a quiet night alone, Naked with Chanel No: 5.

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