Saturday, May 28, 2011

Naked with Chanel No 5: Day 36: Pattern Seeking Story Telling Girl

So I've just wrapped up another intense MBA class weekend. Usually by this point I'm so emotionally spent and academically frustrated that I take to my house with my DVR, cats, and a glass (ok let's be honest bottle) of wine. But this week is decidedly different. These past few months as my brain returned to functionality post concussion, it was as if it awoke refreshed and with a bit of a different intellectual scope. Frankly, I'm a little bummed this term is coming to an end.

Now the theme of my Macro Economics class was that we are Pattern-Seeking, Story Telling Animals and there could not perhaps be a better theme for me. I see patterns in my own life and am constantly finding voice to tell stories about them. Understanding the causes of behavior, recognizing the leading indicators of failure or growth opportunities, and most of all correlating experiences to outcomes.

Something that has always plagued me personally and academically is the question

"So what do we do now that we know there's a problem?"

I've been looking for conclusive answers all along, and the truth is - there aren't any. There is no big book of answers on how to fix the economy, change consumption behavior, heal a broken heart, correct the capital account imbalance, or find the perfect partner for happily ever after. The deal is once you've reflected, run the regressions,  made charts of positives and negatives, and come up with your history, you have to take a stab at it. It may not be "right" and it probably won't be "wrong" but with the knowledge you have, take the best shot you can to try to get a different outcome.

So instead of repeating patterns, revisiting old bad behaviors, and trying again what didn't work before - even if it's comfortable - even if it feels natural - even if you are afraid, you have to push yourself just a little further out of your pattern if you ever want to create a new story.

Goodnight all! Save some money tomorrow, believe me - we need to! Naked with Chanel No: 5

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