Thursday, May 26, 2011

Naked with Chanel No 5: Day 34: So who are you gonna be today?

The other evening over a spicy Malbec and a plate of Humboldt Fog, a sage friend of mine noted "There is nothing more to me than me."

I'm keeping it simple today. You are who you are - not what you've accomplished. You are who you are - how you love, how you feel, how you react, how you give, and what you take from this world. You are not what you do or what you've failed to do.

Whether it's your parents, your bosses or your social circle, there is likely somebody putting pressure on you to achieve more, do more, spend more, be something you aren't sure you want to be. When we meet someone we don't ask what drives them - we ask what it is they do to make their living.  We are forgetting that what truly makes people powerful, impactful, and amazing is not their worldly achievements, but instead those innate characteristics that drive them to do what they do. They are nothing more than simply who they are.

Now I'm not getting all socialist snuggly and saying don't work hard, ever stress and instead just "feel" your way through life. Heck no! Dream big, desire lots, take everything that makes you you and channel it into your championship, hope for all you can possibly imagine, but at the end of the day - if it all doesn't happen - you are still you. You still matter.

There is nothing more to me than me, Naked with Chanel No: 5

ps - Humboldt Fog is a cheese people

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