Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Naked with Chanel No 5: Day 32: On Humor, Irony & Jackasses

Wow I don't think I could possibly laugh harder than I did last night! I, along with a  reunioned cast and crew of a short film I produced last year, attended a decidedly awkward awards ceremony for a film festival in Los Angeles. The event itself felt was like a disco lit rave/non-denominational wedding for a woman who really liked to give out statues. At a certain point, I wasn't sure we were even in the right banquet room!

The awards show started out nearly an hour later than expected and perhaps we'd all had a bit too much wine... Our wayward cast and crew sat in the back row and hooted and hollered like hooligans as a film about a Wedding Party and some dude named Charles were nominated for everything. My date was one of my very best friends and dearest of confidants who agreed to take our girl's night in - out! Getting the giggles was the least of our concern, uproarious laughter at wholly inappropriate moments was far more likely! We were nonetheless honored to receive awards for our ensemble cast and superior writer/ director. WE WON!

I was intoxicated with the comedy of the evening and charmed by the irony of the generous bonds created through artistic collaboration. Gone were the wounds of bruised egos of all the frustrated producers and exhausted crew members. Years later (because film production literally takes years) we had moved past disagreements and instead laughed together in celebration of success. A team of extraordinarily talented filmmakers, actors, and creators came together like a titanic crashing wave and made some truly funny shit one summer in the heat of Hollywood.

It was a precious reminder that all things in time get easier and nothing worth doing is simple. The blood, sweat, tears, and energy of today will lead to laughter and triumph down the road. Whether it be a battle with a project, test with a lover, terrifying personal goal, or struggle with a friend - all good things take hard work, some don't run perfectly, and in the end - most things turn out as they should. You may even win a little bobble tailed JackAss statue with your name on it when it's all done.

I of course found myself re-bit by the creating bug and spent the night dreaming of another set, another cast, another tale to tell. Chomping at the bit, I cannot wait to produce again, but for now I have a different mountain to climb. For now, I am bound to books and calculators.

But through the gentle process of clearing my head of the man-confusion I have wasted so much time battling, I am finding my way back to my own clarity of purpose. Yep, my heart still ached a little today when I saw someone who I once thought I could fall for, but and after a night like last night, a girl doesn't need much more than to be home Naked with Chanel No: 5.

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