Friday, May 13, 2011

Naked with Chanel No 5: Day 21 - Getting off the market

So tonight I stayed late in a big ol classroom with a study group working on a presentation about leadership and figuring out precisely how we can convince a board of directors how a chick might be the future leader of of a super conservative male dominated technology co that should totally be a media co. As it happens in this sort of study collaborative environment, we all got silly, chatty, honest. And somewhere between final cut edit of the media presentation the clock ticked past ten and I shared the history of this blog and my current 40 day adventure.

One of my witty male classmates astutely asked why I would have to go on a man hiatus. Why instead could I not just start dating the nice guys. "Well with a decade of bad man decisions," I replied, "it was time to take myself off the market."

"So you were involved with guys who made you feel like meat?"

Yep, right about then - the record skipped in my soundtrack. Holy crap, I have most definitely absolutely been involved with some butchers and I have been a total piece of grade A.

Now onto the next issue about simply dating the nice guys. Any gal who's strutted about this town in her lou'Boutins knows that while you can't go a block without tripping over a jerk, you can walk miles and need to re-sole those shiny red bottoms, before you find a nice guy (that you'd actually want to date.)

The truth is, we all get very used to being treated poorly, and make ongoing excuses for those who do it. It's familiar, it's comfortable, and even though it hurts, it's the devil we know.

So yep, I definitely am learning a little bit about what a hiatus, a fast, can do for a soul. Before these last 21 days, I might have instantly denied that my actions, my choices, were putting me in a butcher's shop. Now, I'm open to hearing it, and hopefully changing because of it!

But while I am looking for something more tender and not just a heart tenderizer, I'll safely wait for the nice guy, Naked with Chanel, No 5.

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