Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Naked with Chanel No 5: Day 12 - I love to play, but I don't play games!

This one is pretty simple tonight. Not feeling all that melliflous as I have a presentation to write and battled some highly productive insomnia last night. (You can totally garden at 5:30 AM in May BTW)

So here's today's conclusion - I am a straight forward, you see what you get, you'll know where you stand with me - kind of woman. I have heard tales about women who "played the game" to land the man of their dreams even contemplating the duration of time they might wait before responding to a simple text "keep him interested," and maybe I should consider a better game playing strategy - but that just isn't me. I've been out of this dating shenanigan for a fairly long time, and have had a few curious mentors this past year, but at the end of all of it - I am just pretty straight up.

I also think that one should give to the world what they hope to receive. And that may be Pollyanna of me, but I'm not about to start being conniving or learn to manipulate those around me. That's my deal in business, family, life and love. I don't want to be manipulated, and am not going to do it to someone else.

When I embarked on this little adventure of man hiatus, a particularly analytical friend of mine asked me what my goal was. What did I plan to accomplish? I said I didn't know where it would lead me, but I was interested in finding out what - when all the various streams of confusing information that were sent my way were quieted, I really felt about life, love, and the possibility of a happily ever after.

Truth of it is, the more I experiment on who I should be, how I should react, what I can allow myself to feel, the clearer it becomes that my very basic instincts are the perfect fit. It's just a matter of listening to them! Now tonight, I'm hoping I can rest this ever churning brain for a solid eight and plan to tuck in no later than 10:00 PM - Naked with Chanel No: 5.

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