Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Naked with Chanel No 5: Day 11 - Have you slept with a hooker?

I am about to be incredibly unpopular for this next post. In fact, I may very well offend every man I know, have dated, have thought about dating, and possibly ever will date.... but here's the deal - there is nothing OK with sleeping with hookers, call girls, pros, escorts, etc in my book. From this point on, I am literally going to ask any dude I am planning on getting naughty with whether or not he's slept with a hooker.

Believe me kids, this may be an LA thing - but you would be shocked how many men actually have!! What girl would have ever thought she had to ask?!?

Let me be clear. Any man who has paid for sex associates a totally different value to the act than I. Yes, I get that men and women are different and have different needs/wants/desires but at the end of the day - sex with required payment is gross. It's become a weird common place thing and although I adore the show - Secret Diary of a Call Girl, I abhor the actual behavior. Any person who's been to the red light district in Bangkok has seen the terrifying koi pond of the country's young beautiful desperate girls, barely fed by the paltry sums paid for their abuse.

Real men don't buy girls!

So now one might ask, how does a woman who adores burlesque, considers her body a temple - to be well maintained and absolutely worshiped, and is writing a blog about being naked with Chanel No: 5 take such an adamant stand against this topic? Simply put - I've met a few men who have, and boy did their emotional shit screw me up!!

You see any man, who has regularly(or possibly occasionally) paid for sex cannot comprehend the emotional attachment a woman is going to feel for him. We let you into our bodies, and while your experience is external, ours is very very internal. There is no transaction involved in this dual reaction!!!

The strange thing is that afterward, a man who's paid for sex is determined to convince all future lovers that there is no reason for unnecessary emotional attachment and renders his latest conquest confused, angry, and invalidated.....

Here's the deal - sex is a valid, emotional, expressive act between two people. Carnal - absolutely, awesome fun - totally, meaningful - positively. Any man who doesn't get that is simply never going to see me Naked with Chanel No: 5.

*** A rare footnote....
(Granted there were those tentative first timers/ late bloomers whose fraternity decided it was the best way to get something going, and that I might forgive if the guy turns out not to be a total douche. ) 

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