Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Jul 27, 2010

I trust in myself
that I have the strength
to do this differently

I trust in myself that this time
I can be true to my soul
and be there for someone
because for the first time in life
my self and I are acquainted

I don't need to be needed anymore
but that doesn't change that I want to help
and therein lies the balance between
giving to love and not giving to need

I trust that you don't need my support
but I trust that you can take it
I trust that you will be fine
I'd like to offer whatever you need
to find better than just fine

You will seek your own haven
and until you've found solid ground
know you can rest safely upon mine.

We have both outgrown the temporary
the fairy tales,
and into the reality of circumstance
we embark.

We will put certain stories
now forever to rest
because we both need something more.

If you ever need anything
know that I will always give to you

When you need someone
to trust know that I will always love you

And if you do not choose
my help today or tomorrow
trust that I will understand
and I am always here for you

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