Tuesday, August 17, 2010

To Surrender but not to Submit

I am learning
to understand that to surrender
is not to submit
to the unacceptable.

To be loved,
to be cherished,
does not require
 to be hurt,

intellectually I comprehend,
but yet sense
has not yet seeped into
my emotional understanding.

I am justified in setting boundaries
and should not back pedal
because I fear I require too much
surrendering to want love
is not submitting to accept

while quiet terrifies me
and a lack of reply
leaves me unsettled
i don't have to fill
this silence

and understanding
seeking closure
is about closure for myself
not anything
another can offer

so I surrender
to the notion
that I want to be cared for
and I surrender to the notion
that with love,
I will feel more complete

but I deny submission to something less
because my strength
will have a place
in my weakness

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