Wednesday, April 14, 2010

there are two of me

Apr 14, 2010
i appreciate the opportunity to transcribe my deepest ideas and live as the artist i have always known quietly hid behind my blue eyes and perky blond hair in this place. i was cast in a role as a young girl and proudly took the stage of life to perform as an entertainer, a pretty showpiece, a happy character. and today there are two of me.

i am a woman who aches to escape all traditional reality and float away on a sojourn to some unknown village and also the one you see at the front of this boardroom commanding your attention.

i realize i have a split personality but it is that fracture that in fact keeps me whole. without the ability to divide in two, and breathe through the times of fear  and weakness of one character with the power and pride of my other soul, i would not make it through.

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