Monday, April 26, 2010

Social Paralysis Rant

Apr 26, 2010
So I want to go to an event where my "spouse" has already claimed territory and I find myself guilt-ed into not wanting to go, and then I realize that I am only guilt-ed into not wanting to go because of the same overtly stupid subservient reasons I am ending the relationship. I feel like if I go, I'll be stuck being his "wife" all night because god forbid he introduce me as anything other than his damn arm candy, and I hate hate hate hate the word "wife".

Of course I am also afraid to attend because he's claimed the territory as his own, but then again he claims all the territory including my territory, my friends, my life, my family, my money, and my world. So I suppose it's no great surprise I am paralyzed when needing to step forward.

So with a deep breath, and the promise of a mostly vodka and a wee bit of soda and lime, I am off to reclaim my own territory, my own self, and my right to have an ego.

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