Wednesday, October 14, 2009

seeking high

Oct 14, 2009
she is an addict 
with an undefined substance problem
abuse of self, like a feline's purrrr, is
soothing, familiar and ambiguous in intention.

one eye open she rests 
with a wandering mind that trails 
always toward the most recent obsession
with little deference to the one that she will leave behind.

some habits, harder to kick than others
with intoxicating effects that outlast 
the appropriate life-cycle for any high,
must be forced out of the system.

tortured dependency on the unfulfilled
will destroy everything she needs
rendering real emotion dissatisfying,
devouring all that she has.

craving her next fix she constructs opportunity
in a back alley or on a dark bench 
to meet the dealer and beg for her next high
knowing it will never be as lofty as she needs to go.

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