Monday, June 22, 2009


Jun 22, 2009
sanity I implore you define.
the dictionary states it as soundness of mind
mental normality and other such things
our martial jury of peers often sings

are abnormal thinkers in truth
just a majority simply defined as couth?
normal or not to declare
in peace it's murder  but in war it's fair?

normal: conforming to a type
a mere description of a dogmatic song,
a society of dogs following along.

when Einstein and Newton were insane and
the earth was not round,
Columbus was surely unsound.

creators and innovators are always utterly berserk
warming new ideas, thoughtful minds at work.
history evolves and normality is redefined.
a new concept of what is considered clear mind.

but i ask again are we sufficiently profound
to state who's safe and who's sound?

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