Saturday, May 22, 2010

The sanctity of alone

May 22, 2010

There is a quietude found as currents pull
a weighted body
in the direction of the kelp's smooth swaying.

nothing but the sound of inhalation, exhalation
and the release of carbon into an oxygen world
interrupts the ebbs and flows
of this precious environment,

and while a diver swims with a companion
she is in essence alone
controlling her own ability
to rise and fall
with an ever decreasing supply of life.

the choice to descend deeper
and to explore a more intense landscape
or to remain floating peacefully just a bit below the surface
is her's alone.

and with crossed arms
and gentle hips that propel forward
a diver follows the path of most compelling
because to rest in one place
is not her goal.

moving with the fluid kicks of extended fins
and surveying the surrounding beings with encased eyes
she seeks the most extraordinary
 aware that her own vitality remains regulated
by comprehensive systems.

this new world in which she temporarily survives
is beautiful, dangerous, and perpetually in movement

and while she is welcome to explore
she must do so gently on her own.

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