Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Rising Tide

Jul 29, 2010

Sand anchored between my toes
after days of walking alongside the water
with all of you repeating in my mind.

I've watched the waves retreat
their generous grasping of my ankles
and "who I am to you" has
grown irrelevant.

It is instead more pertinent to ask
Who am I to me?
and how will that woman
choose to live her next decades?

Who am I to me?
and where will I wander next
on my own volition
not driven by anyone else's train of thought

How will the woman I am
the woman I want to be
the woman I deserve to be
approach her next love affair
her next painful failure
her next insurmountable hill and
her next great success?

and those are the questions
the self exploration
the adventure on a path I now embark.

I no longer will wonder
who I am to you
to all of you

I now define who I am to me
as I walk along the water
enchanted by this rising tide.

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