Monday, March 15, 2010


Mar 15, 2010
What do you remember?  What thoughts can you not get out of your head? Do you have the same collage of images running through your mind and does it make you feel the way I do? Can you see what I see?

I close my eyes and feel your breath. I part my teeth and feel your tongue. I touch my hair and feel your hand. I am stunned into frustration and you seem to just move on. Having my heart beat fast again and my hands shake is both new and familiar. I'd assumed that it was not a sense I would be granted again - but now it is here, and it aches.

While you may move on, I remain locked in and without a plan. You will move on, fall in love with another, and be free of me.  I should not put myself through this pain, confusion, lust, and frustration and it's best I cage my passionate soul yet again.

A heartbreaking path is ahead down either road. Best I walk the high one and revert to calm quietude - because you are my friend, and that is what I must first remember.

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