Friday, February 6, 2009

A purpose

Feb 6, 2009

I am wholly weak yet entirely strong. This body which has carried me to such grand adventures and fails at its most basic task of survival, is my only vessel. I must honor its purpose.
A ticking clock with no clear leap forward in the omniscient future, each movement of my second hand counts. I do not wait every day for it to fail, yet it is inevitable.
I am immune, automatically, to those fears of longevity that plague my preceding generation as they watch their parents age painfully. I am never afraid of mortality only it's lack of immediacy. There will be no fiery crash in my future, instead a different pattern of descent.
I am present in my opportunity to rise and shine at this very moment while fearful of its requisition. Emboldened by power of each sunrise, a day must not simply be another day. It is too precious a journey to ignore. A temporary life offers but a fleeting chance to make the difference to achieve infinite vitality.

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