Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Protecting Grace and Serving Sereni

Mar 24, 2010
I cannot blame my subconscious
for wanting desperately to leap from the promises of bliss
 it seems I will never reap.
I am conscious.

A choice made long before I knew the woman I could be
a simple decision made from which I can never truly be free.

Learning to live by protecting Grace and
holding her elegance high is a challenge and a joy I must carry like a mother.
Yet instead I look at the glass rock on which the word is inscribed and
wish that day I'd just picked another.
I must live with Grace and ingest the angst within.
I cannot allow fantasy and childlike hope each day to begin.

Serenity serves me as I serve her.
A child of deep peace, inhalation and release.
I thrive on her meditative repetition to bear the burdens only I chose.
Pain is temporary and victory is forever and with
Serenity's power, I may reach these lofty goals.

Giving up versus giving in is the choice I must make.
Serenity and Grace please guide me along this path I now take.

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