Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Paralyzing Self Awareness

Apr 14, 2009
There is something quiet about my thoughts tonight and I don't fully understand it. I did in fact choose to stay at home to read and write searching for another momentary muse. Yet something about my audience now paralyzes me. I do not wish to be known.

The ability to write without recourse, without acknowledgement, turns our to be far more powerful than I thought. The idea that someone might stumble upon my words and find them inspirational is an untouchable fantasy. Yet there in characters and digits are my views.
I will proceed; I will not let this fear of exposure render immobile my opportunities as so many other moments of unprotected vulnerability have left me incomplete.
If I were offering advice to a friend, I would simply say - keep writing, keep creating, don't stop or think about who might care. Just keep your fingers dancing on your keyboard and let the words fly freely. Write about love, write about power, write about hunger and how they all equate desire.

I therefore take my own advice and embark upon my next page.

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