Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nope not chickening out

Jun 20, 2010
I've been given several reasons to chicken out from composing this week and I'm absolutely not interested in being drawn back into silence.

I won't ever be perfect, I won't always be kind, I won't ever always be smart or gentle or supportive or perpetually sexy or remotely nice. In fact, sometimes I will suck - and quite honestly everyone else sometimes sucks too, so don't challenge me because I hurt you, don't be afraid to tell me I have - I will hear you, don't embarrass me without thinking I might curtail your behavior, or attempt to control a voice that I've found.

So even if friends threaten that because I for a time can't be a good friend - to bail while reminding me they keep my secrets (hint hint don't make me mad or I'll tell people what you don't want them to know), and former scorned lovers who are scared I might reveal something that could embarrass them or hurt their career are angry with me (what would you think if I started writing about you), I am done being quieted by others.

I'm willing to take the risk that comes with this. I am not afraid of your fears.

And no - this blog is not just about you.

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