Monday, April 25, 2011

Naked with Chanel No 5: Day 4 - On Chemistry

In the last nine months, I have had my fair share of romantic stories and all have had different levels of impact. I am curious about exploring what each of them might have meant to me, but afraid to delve into their stories in even this anonymous space.

Perhaps I will gain the momentum and courage in later days, but for now it will suffice to say that the respectful discretion of some is the illusive denial of others, and the quieted comfort of one lover, may be the cold silence of another. There is no consistency in perception, in fact it is a chemical reaction that varies with every moment, every breath, every heartbeat and every exchange.

Tonight I discussed with friends the concept of "One-Piece". Women hope for the one love who will adore her perfect and also love her crazy. Women want for someone to love both sides of their one-piece. We all have both, complicated, crazy, and sometimes simple.

It is a matter of finding the fluid synthesis of your crazy with mine, of your perfect with mine, and learning how they might compliment in tandem the balance of perception.

Until I can find that chemistry which lacks perpetual confusion, the weighted average of our joint insanity, until our pheromones can combine without combustion, I will tuck into my crisp purple sheets with one chemical reaction that is consistent, calming, and quietly compelling, Naked with Chanel No 5.

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