Friday, April 22, 2011

Naked with Chanel No 5: Day 1 - No Men for 40 Days!

So it's a post lent fast. My version - which is a bit like abstaining from chocolate or swearing, which frankly I could likely never do. Instead, I will choose to abstain from that which makes me both weakest and strongest. Over the next forty days, I am committed to abandoning the crazy, avoiding the needy, dancing away from the hurtful, and instead focusing on the true inner sexy, sensual, powerful, and passionate that is my inner woman.

Put simply, I am swearing off men for a very short time period, which will inevitably feel long, and embracing all that makes me sexy, makes me feminine, and makes strong. So today - I started with a meticulous Brazilian wax performed by the incomparable 64 year old Ukranian Rudi, a manicure, and donned a fabulous gown (that's totally not designer, but fakes it) at a fancy black tie event. My sun spun curls and blue eyes, lined with perfect charcoal from Val at Neimans, enchanted just a bit.

It's going to be difficult, not being seductive - perhaps just to my self. But for the next forty days, I am going to explore the scents of femininity, the way a perfect dress feels, the power from a fabulous set of heels, and the touch of my own skin as it shines with a perfectly applied bronzer. I will not get sexy for a man, I will not try to gain attention from the inevitably crazy, broken, confused audience I have thus far enchanted. Instead - I will catch my own eye, and determine what I need, what I want, and what makes me sexy - naked with Chanel No. 5

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