Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lyrics of a Catalyst

Jul 2, 2009

you are a catalyst of change and I know this
like others before you only exist to propel emotion
like some divine offering you simply exist
to test each moment, every stolen breath
every fighting kiss

I see my reflection in the eyes of others
and yours shine brightly blue
so opposite of the darkness i know
so familiar how I see myself in you

So simple is the way that you make me feel
not different from other loves gone by
a creative adventure testing both sides of my being
a good and a bad woman finding her stride

A cold rock of reality will certainly strike
the chords of emotion when this incendiary ignites
my existing world, a life that will change
because of you, a simple catalyst of change


how I wish you were different and your agitating change
further emotion and not simply pain
had I the strength of a thousand pounds
I could quiet the yearning of my heart beat sounds

but unlike the others you came crashing from within
and destroyed the dull pattern that I've fallen in
I regret you, while want you, wishing you felt the same
an incentive of difference, a catalyst of change

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