Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A little about men

Apr 14, 2009
I have always loved men. The next few pages may not perhaps sounds like they are written by a woman who absolutely adores men so I must preface this with the most important of reiterations. I absolutely love men.

Like an anthropologist studying an ancient culture, I have aggressively pursued my subject of choice, learning their patterns, their processes, their rituals. Understanding their inner most dreams and their outward expressions of manhood.

Through my study, I have often become an object of particular interest to my subjects themselves. I learned time and again how to become the perfect mate for any man, as the calculations are simple. A combination of Mirroring, Reflecting, Protecting, and Empowering with ever varying quantities of each ingredient will do the trick every time.  As one of my dearest friends reminded me, I learned to be the Madonna and the whore, the Veronica and the Betty, the Ginger and the Marianne, and my favorite, a Sex Kitten Pin-Up who can cook.

This is perhaps why I received three very distinct marriage proposals from decidedly distinct men before I finally accepted the fourth.

As a manthrolopogist, (a newly coined phrase invented in Myspace blogland), I categorize men by 5 distinct classifications, each with their own motivations and desires.

As I come to explain each of these archetypes, you will learn that ALL men really do fall into one of these categories. It is therefore not an insult to classify them but a practical way of understanding the man for who he is not who you'd like him to become.

Pretty Boy

My theories of course evolve as I learn more about these amazing lovely creatures. In fact, I recently have established a sixth archetype which was previously missing from my classifications. I tell you it was perhaps one of the most obvious omissions of my research due to the fact that my "creative" business often keeps me separated from this type of man. It is however one of my favorites, because they are the most challenging to understand.


Over the course of the next several weeks, I intend to explain my categories of men and illustrate these archetypes through both my own stories and those of my dear talkative and unknowing friends.

Your comments on my characters, your notes on my stories, and your own additions to this study are greatly encouraged as we together uncover a little about my favorite subject, men!

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