Thursday, April 1, 2010

Jane's story

Apr 1, 2010
"I used to be fairly well educated on the subject of the simpler sex. No offense boys, I think pretty damn highly of your gender, I just seem to have fallen out of touch with what it is that makes you tick. That's likely because I've fallen out of touch with what it is that makes me tick. It used to be pretty symbiotic. We used to work well together. Then I got married." Jane -37

About 6 years ago a girl met a boy - she was living in New York and despite the fact she hated the city, due to her California upbringing, she had a spectacular job (relatively speaking). Jane was anything but plain. She ran development for a company whose sole purpose was to incubate lifestyle brands like the Duchess of York and other various somewhat self indulgent "female" focused icons. The company, grandfathered by a benevolent nerd and perpetual lover of women, tapped into whatever was the female zeitgeist of the moment. Jane, being an impactful sort of woman, was fairly certain she understood the desires of women and thus the needs of men. The gig was perfect and her book, slated to become the next tome of self help chick lit, was coming together.

"Carolyn - there is absolutely no way a book about women trying to apply dating rules to business won't be a perfect hit. Women are fundamentally obsessed with singeldom, careers, and mating. It's friggin genius. Didn't everyone tell Martha, that nobody in NY had a garden?" Jane's heels clicked violently as she dashed through Grand Central "Well they all fucking wanted one didn't they?"

Carolyn, Jane's editor, hung up and knew she had talent on the other end of the line. It was her job to keep her focused and Jane had only recently fallen behind. She'd heard the garden reference twenty times and was fairly sure Jane could sell it, but something seemed to have changed in her productivity.

Jane met Tom for champagne and subsequent phenomenal sex after the oysters at Grand Central. It was a fabulous habit they had developed over the last three years, although there was nothing serious about their collaboration. Jane called it exercise, Tom called it fun. Apparently Jane flexed her kegels to a point that would render most rabbits unable to rotate and well, like her other muscles, they needed the occasional deep tissue release. Tom was a graduate of Harvard, something Jane only quietly held against him, and worked as a partner in an ad agency. Jane, with a less auspicious UC Berkeley degree in Communications, enjoyed quietly listening to his friends wax poetically about creative concepts that never got close to what a woman actually wanted.

She was working on a genius book that would divulge the reality of modern feminism and the way a woman embraced her career, her sex, her role in the world. She was being paid for it before it was even written, and the tv rights were already sold. Jane was ready to roll. Then - she met Mike.

(Yep - unfinished - not satisfying - sorta like my day, but cathartic nonetheless. Goodnight)

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