Thursday, August 5, 2010

the intangible

Aug 5, 2010

nothing can break a heart more than the intangible
like the light of a firefly just after sunset
unexpected, and beautifully fleeting
it is the intangible essence of love or its unexplained
missing ingredient that is most defeating
to the heart.

 she sat with arms curled around her knees
perched woodland elf like on a fallen log
and listened as he explained the intangible
under a gleaming blue and orange lit sky

beautiful and ominous clouds rolled in
filling the sunset. majestic gods
protecting a moment from intrusion as she heard
him explain the intangible reason
he would not love her
and she was afraid to ask

because she had not been loved
in any intangible, elegant,
or passionate way in many years
instead loved only in those most practical
and least satisfying ways
in fact
that was what he was protecting her from
protecting her again

later, when the falling shower's veil mixed with tears
she again wrapped her arms around her knees
this time naked, shaking with true sadness
and she searched
unsuitably for answers
wondering how she might someday
find the path to change her
intangible pattern.

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