Thursday, April 30, 2009


Apr 30, 2009
Men matters

Word's matter you know? If you've said them, you're responsible for them. In the heat of a controlled and manipulated moment you might say something that can change the course of a life, so you best think carefully about what you say. Of course, if you change a life, it may be a good thing!

Jealousy is perhaps the more dangerous emotion. I've previously said it was fear, but in fact jealousy combines fear and manipulation and that results in a very destructive force. Something that has always long caused this volcanic force amongst women is in fact men. I am puzzled by the rising volume that still comes from women fighting over or stumbling upon the same man.

Perhaps I read Valley of the Horses at too young of an age, but I have always had a relatively open perception about the ways men and women might connect with one-another. This is not to say that I would protect my husband like a lioness protecting her pride, but I would not perhaps threaten to destroy any temporary interloper.

As I return to my investigations into Manthropology, I can not ignore the role we women play when choosing to live and love with these delicious creatures. I hope instead to help illuminate us all as to the effect we have on their characters and how we women affect each other. Not only do we love an adore men, but we must learn to love and adore ourselves and our sisters in order to fully realize the opportunities of passion. 

I recently made choices in my life, which are clearly well documented in this little blog. I am glad for them. Terrified of course, but prepared to commence the next literary chapter of my process. I was a woman with too many ideas and not enough time to process. It's been years since I actually thought.

So thank you dearest readers for letting me muse and letting me wander. I promise this path will become clear to all of us, and you will benefit from the journey. It is an artist's way and I do look forward to further investigating my favorite subject, men matters. 

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