Monday, May 10, 2010

her ride

May 10, 2010

riding the ups and downs of girlhood has grown tiresome
 and she is ready
to embrace the calm
of collected womanly poise.

she elevated everything but her own soul
through her twenties
and understanding that she remained a college co-ed
 when it comes to matters of the heart
 is her first step.

she's ready to climb off the rickety old roller coaster,
ignore the perpetual circulations of the Ferris wheel
and learn how to manage
 these particular emotions.

she'll never be an even keel woman
in love and lust
because that's not who she is,
but she can and will be
 a more productive one.

distractions, attractions, and passionate reactions
 will always have their place
 but will no longer live in her every moment.

like the daily task lists
prepared during a morning's commute,
she can and will organize the wanderings
of her stimulated mind
to fit within certain hours.

Because she's learning
that there will always be another night of passion
to remember with lowered eyes and blushing cheeks.

There will always be another object
of her cyclical affection to ponder.

There will always be another bruise healing
with the sensual and painful ache of remembrance,

and that roller coasters offer
brilliant temporary adrenaline highs
required to live,
but most rides
are simply not meant to last.

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