Sunday, May 3, 2009


May 3, 2009
Delete - remove. That's what I was supposed to do right? Yet somehow it makes my fingers feel like lead!

We all choose to move on from relationships, from connections, but there is nothing simplistic about that choice. You can spend years in someone's confidences, waking up each morning to dress, prepare, and advance into their space. But ultimately, such confidences and such friendships remain on a very restricted plane. A plane that is controlled and rests precariously on the air currents of the day.
Friendship, or workship, is tentative at best.

And then there are new and sudden friendships which arise, of which you cannot entirely separate from moments of inspirations and hunger. Hunger for new conversations and new investigations of yourself. Those too wear quickly on the emotional skills of a person. You must also determine if they have longevity or if they instead existed for the purpose of change.
I am still unsure.

Friendships, workships, relationships, new and old, best be nurtured. There is an evolution that we do not now, nor ever control. You cannot assume longevity simply equates perpetuity.
You must not take people for granted.

I am blessed by the friendship of dear souls I have known for many years. There is nothing that might be replaced with the longevity of generous familiarity. I am better for their kindness and better for their souls. Without them, my own evolutions would not occur.
I return such blessings upon my friends and wish them an equal confidence in my support.

yes yes, there are other things to which I must address my keyboard, and tomorrow I shall return to my four cornered office to say farewell. But just for tonight, I must thank graciously those dear and perpetual friends and promise to nurture their own evolution, as they have nurtured mine.

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