Thursday, April 9, 2009

Finding Comedy

Apr 9, 2009

I met a man the other night who knew in his soul he was a comic, yet he'd never played a club. He knew to the core of his bandana clad being that he had the chops to entertain with the greatest, and so much fear that he did not know where to begin.

Fear of success is a far more dangerous fear than that of failure. It is paralyzing and must be overcome with rehearsal. There is simply no other option. Here is what I told him.

"It's not your fault. You just aren't funny enough yet. Your sense of humor still translates poorly into jokes and lives much better in your clumsy live entertainment show. You ARE a show, and you enjoy being a show. We all love your show but your show is not an act.

If you really want to find your comedy and make a life out of it, you'll simply have to work  for it. You will have to fail at it a thousand times to find one official victory to land one perfectly timed joke. Go play a hundred dark roomed clubs where the sound of the clinking ice in their drinks is louder than their laughter, and then begin to laugh at yourself.

Amusing is not comedy. Clowning is not comedy. Comedy is finding the clearest way to remind someone of the most obvious thing they have ever heard and make it awkward. Comedy is rhythm, Comedy is blues. Go do what you must to find your act and you will never have to simply amuse again."  

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