Monday, July 19, 2010

Drawing Lines

Jul 19, 2010
I trace these lines you've drawn
and re-view the boundaries as suggestions
because neither you nor I are good
at playing by the rules

yet this time it's different
because when I've tried before to walk away
sheer magnetic forces pulled me back
but now, you're setting the limits
which seems unfair

and yes there is pain in what feels like finality
but I know that this is better faced now
than down the road when it deepens
because it would, at least for me

and when two bodies collide
there is inevitable destruction
and I do not choose
to destroy my self or my worth

and while in the temporary
this collaboration felt genius,
you are determined it will fail
and I cannot battle your limits

so I will move on carefully
and I will be gentle with my soul

because missteps are not mistakes
and from the path we've tread,
we must learn.

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