Friday, April 8, 2011

The Dissatisfactory Current

The sapphire blue of her eyes peer out through clouded gray frustration, squinting at a new day and a rising sun. Sleep was not rest as and the dreams were a dance through the missteps of her past. Yet she is determined to rise out of the dis-satisfactory current that has kept her paddling upstream yet never reaching the shore nor drowning her entirely for this last decade. Sand perpetually between her toes, she reads the ship-wrecked sea weed like tea leaves hoping for guidance, wanting direction, wanting love, and knowing her true purpose exists if only she can understand what the sea's foam writing is telling her.

And so she listens to her self made internet radio portal, laptop upon her knees, looking for a spoon of inspiration with which she might stir a new tide. It comes in the form of Halleluja and a text from an unexpected friend, reminding her that today's destiny is just one page. In fact the patterns of the waves that she watches today are different then those she will witness tomorrow. Her keystrokes accompany the rhythm of the eukaleli in Somewhere Over the Rainbow and she inhales deeply with each sighing exhale of the ocean.

Because today's dissatisfactory current will leave the sea weed tea leaves that explain tomorrow's adventure and be but a forgotten page soon enough.

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