Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Digits Rising

Apr 14, 2009

In an unexpected little turn of events, this blog went from having NO views to suddenly showing quite a few page views, which of course leaves me quite curious. Who out there stumbled upon my personal musings and ideas? I have told just one soul about this little adventure and I doubt she has viewed this quite so many times in a day. I've of course sent out a few little viral suggestions to potential interested readers, but that was only on instinct and a whim.
I've chosen this space of expression because writing without an audience seems quite useless. I am a communicator, and like to imagine that my thoughts interest others. Don't we all like to imagine that?

Tonight I am torn between choices of direction and responsibility. Both which will continue to inspire the journey I am on. One feels responsible, one feels indulgent. They are both about the process of work. One is as an artist, one is as a business person, and both are innately valuable. Is feeding your creative soul indulgent, or is that just my puritanical upbringing pounding at my intellectual door. As a child, I could not just write, I had to rise to the level of Editor. I could not just sing, I had to lead the choir. As an adult, I must create, but must I also dictate the process of creation?

I have followed the non-indulgent path for quite some time and that has built many unfulfilled riches. Perhaps I shall continue as an artist for just this brief and fleeting moment in time. I should indulge in creativity because as indulgences go, it is certainly the least dangerous! 

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