Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"bucket" lists

Apr 7, 2010
I just got the giddy at the idea of making a new sort of creative bucket list. I used to be a pretty adventurous girl who found inspiration in the most unusual of circumstances and I can't wait to be that person again. She's been hiding for about 8 years poor thing! It took a little bit of renewed self confidence, a realization that I wasn't stuck, and settling was not my only option. I'm finding my way back.

So let me start with a list of inspired locations that I intend to write future poems about - this list of course will be misinterpreted if ever read which is highly unlikely!

1) A drive in movie
2) Rocking on a boat
3) Camping under Stars
4) Always Beach inspired
5) On a rooftop overlooking the night sky
6) In an office creating a new idea
7) In a park, after dark' (Maybe this is a little too horror movie)
8) In the afternoon - delighting in opportunity
9) In the morning - regularly with the rising sun
10)  Wherever I am inspired

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