Saturday, August 14, 2010

Because to us, we'll always be young

Aug 14, 2010

Looking through my first true love's eyes last night, I was again the 14 year old chorus girl who in the dusty back stage of a high school theater tempted lust and toyed with love. Our innocence was protected only by the cumbersome costumes of old England's Camelot and the leotards of the woodland nymphs who beckoned, "follow me". His accent took me on great adventures in a young romantic mind.

Eighteen years later we strolled along a nighttime park and fell instep so naturally it was as if we had never missed the critical parts of our stories. He found me, not unlike the enchanting college co-ed I once was, easy to be near and I kissed him hello as if there was no reason not to. His hug was familiar, his laugh echoed as it always had. His eyes, dark and enchanting had begun to crinkle in the way they do in one's thirties, and it was easy to remember why I loved him so.

And we both still are the kids we once were and while life has sculpted us in unimagined ways, there is nothing so tangible as the charming memories of young love and the way it can make a heart beat a little faster eighteen years later.

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