Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Because there is no perfect man

Jun 2, 2010

God knows there is absolutely no perfect man, in fact - there's are most certainly adequate ones, but generally speaking - if you think beyond the obvious they will perhaps let you down. Men are simple and if you put too much faith in them or require too much of them, you will likely be quite disappointed. So I highly recommend mitigating disillusionment and assigning a more relevant structure to what the boys in your life are good for. They truly are all good for something!

Some are good as public dates - they make for nice arm candy and are amusing to your family and friends. They know how to order at restaurant and behave at a party. They are the host, they are the perfect guest. But do remember these accessories and not likely to express deeply or give greatly, instead they entertain on the surface and be delightful when presented to company.

Others are the lovers, and well they exist for the purpose of exercising one's most basic needs - Orgasm. You may briefly become infatuated with one of these, because after all - a mighty body shaking O is even more dreamy than a perfect pair of shoes found on sale, but you will soon realize his erratic ways, and undependable artists energies are in fact just best when directed towards passionate fucking. He will look deeply in your eyes, take you places you haven't been in years, and then forget to call until his next painting is complete. Don't be offended, it's just his process.

There are the providers/ protectors, these are the sage figures who may become fixated on making you better and helping you, and goodness that's useful when building your own paths, but a smart girl must remember that there is a reason a professor sleeps with his student and frankly it's because he wishes he was still just a boy.

So instead of assuming that there is a perfect someone, I challenge all my favorite women to remember that on those days when you are feeling the need for a release, call your lover, "eff" him wildly and of course use protection. When you need a date to a business event phone your pretty boy. When you need someone to help steer you in a clear path ring the protector, and when you need a night to reconnect, slip on some adorable lingerie, pull your hair back and paint on a deep cleansing mask, pour a glass of wine, snuggle up with your cat or pup, and enjoy a great book!

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