Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Jul 13, 2010
I almost fell out of love with you tonight
in the warm summer air
The music resonated with every note
and love's french passion filled the night's sky

I felt the stanzas of pain, love,
passion, ecstasy, and remorse
as the chamber performed La Mer

I almost fell out of love with you tonight
remembering an eve just years ago
when two couples
sat side by side
falling out of love together

The crickets danced
upon the melody of a night's song
and the conductor instructed
the musicians through their romantic journey

You held her hand and I rested against his
Knowing that a painful ache
would rise again within my heart
and I fell out of love then

But tonight, years later
You are not mine to love
and he is a memory I couldn't revive
You are not mine to want
because you are afraid
and I am clear

And I have been too direct
that I may regret
but my honesty remarks me
and with you it is untamed

and I almost fell out of love tonight
and I am close, but not there yet 

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