Thursday, April 29, 2010

140 Characters or Less

Apr 29, 2010
She met him one morning while lying in bed waiting to hear about the weather.

He came on television and announced that he was reporting live from not much of anything at all and smiled. She had coffee with him nearly every morning for a few years and she got to know him. An early riser, she usually was up by the time he was making his second appearance on the morning news. He loved dogs and animals of all sorts because he smiled brightly whenever reporting on them. He clearly wasn't always well rested and there were days she knew he'd rather be in bed.

She wondered if he was a night owl too, she wasn't much of a sleeper. What a terrible job for a night owl indeed! Some days he had great info and was aggressively pursuing stories that mattered. He was passionate and dedicated when reporting on the fires in Los Angeles and she did worry about him which felt odd.  He was educated and well spoken and the sort of fellow that a woman could certainly have lots of conversations with. He seemed ageless to her or perhaps just stuck in his early 40s.

She joked with her girlfriends every morning about all his random locations, some they couldn't be sure they could identify on a map, and it became a part of her daily life. Where in the World is our Favorite Reporter became a question that required an answer prior to embarking on the morning's walk, run, or spin class. Such odd familiarity they had with their favorite morning news reporter when he knew nothing of their lives at all.

He had made her laugh that week when rushing to report on something that turned out to be nothing at all. There had been an earthquake that morning and due to pre-exisitng freeway construction, there was some misunderstanding that a collapse had occurred. After confirming with the Cal Trans workers they'd been there for days, he humbly announced, OK so this is journalism 101. You follow a lead and it doesn't always take you where you planned to go. She wondered where he had studied Journalism 101. She had taken that particular class  her freshman year at Berkeley and received an A. 

A few days later, she re-tweeted his morning comment

RT @MorningLAReporter #LAX: Dept. of Homeland Security confims man who breached security made an "innocent mistake" and was NOT taken into custody

And then she playfully added her own note about their fascination with his daily region wide pilgrimage to the most odd of locations.

@MorningLAReporter my workout girls and i luv 2 play where in the world is MorningLaReporter every morning!! Have fun at LAX!

And he replied to her directly!

DM - thanks @SunShineGirl! wouldn't it be awesome if it would be hawaii and not hawaiian gardens near south la?! c u tomorrow!

DM - @MorningLAReporter well you are at LAX! Dont u ever want to just hop on a flight and go somewhere? do u have your passport on hnd?

DM - @SunShineGirl don't tempt me. never been to tahiti!

Neither had she.

That's how it began. What on earth compelled him to respond, she'd never know. But in 140 characters or less - they began a daily discourse that would take them both on a journey they'd never thought possible.

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