Sunday, March 27, 2011


There is no need to be wrapped
in lingering or more dramatic emotion
then one might gain from the hilarity of a movie
or inspiration from a good book.

Wrapped safely in that embrace
was only meant to re-direct their story
for a night,
like nothing more than a well
scribed fable, and nothing less
than perfect human connection.

Because we can not fall in love with a book
We can not imagine adventures with a movie
A painting will not call
and you can not take a romantic lunch in the south of France
with you to a dinner in Los Angeles.

From these fantasies, remain unattached.
yet acknowledge the inspired, exhausted, touched
anchored, and truly cherished feelings of the night
to be real,

because entangled together
breathing in tandem
beating drum-like hearts
and grasping hands

you were both unwrapped.

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