Monday, March 28, 2011

The hike

Crisp leaves after a week of rain
scent her muddy path.
With each angled step she avoids
crushing the foliage that creeps upon
the altitude gained.

Fueled by passion, anger, hunger
for more
she is searching for
a higher ground and sprints with purpose,
clear overlook bound.

Knowing her confidence may expire
long before her capabilities retire
She gulps in air and water
nourishing her shaking legs.

As up she climbs perilous with rapid breath
head pounding, muscles aching, no fear of death
her mind ceases to repeat
and answers come with the cadence
of her feet.

And she reaches the mountains crest
her heart pounding
a drum within her breast
alone, she relishes the view.

As mountains curve in ever green
the ocean dances at the base of her scene
and clouds cup the heavens
in bright blue and murky grey
she will choose to climb again today.

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