Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I only wanted to get my feet wet again

She only wanted to get her feet wet again ~
struggling under the ocean's crest ~ 
she reluctantly swims to shore.

Now she must retract
because once again her heart has begun to
beat in rhythm with the motions of this
undulating wave.

Despite  best intentions, she could not stay away
from a tide that drew her in, capturing her passion
in its charismatic blue waves.

I only wanted to get my feet wet again.

But this time
was no different
and her highly attuned sensitive curving form,
when pulled unintentionally
into the depths of this tide

came with the responsibility of an
equally sensitive mind

because for one's body to be so purely magnetically passionate
so must her soul

and the inevitable entanglement of the seaweed
with her heart
though briefly forgotten at the height of the wave's crest

is a perpetually drowning truth

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