Thursday, January 27, 2011

Precarious: A Haiku

she's precarious
perching on this fence with him
can she tread this line?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Harvest Moon

The irony of a harvest moon
is that it rises larger than life
and when it crests 11:00
looks no different
than an ordinary night

But there is an unreal mystery
as it arches
something pulling
and new

and he listens
to the patterned
freeway echos
driving somewhere

and the moon rotates
and he contemplates

Sometime After Midnight

Everyone is coupled
and he looks in the reflection of a mirror
to see if she's going to acknowledge
his eye contact.

He's thinking that for now
maybe tonight
she will be the warm body
and he'll feel alright

so his chocolate eyes
indifferent and searching
peer over a vodka soda
unexpectedly wistfully alone

and she walks out
on the arm of another.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A shot of Jack

A shot of Jack sipped slowly over ice,
she considers the past.

Just enough to unwind her mind,
she begs tranquility to last.

Peace is found this day,
she rests before embarking again.

Another journey, another lesson
she knows not what these signs portend.

So crisp the ice as it melts through her shot.
and sharpness dulls of memories forgot.

The pain and pleasure of all that's passed,
 was simply never built to last.

but peaceful now, inhales she deep
drifting off to dreams - she sleeps.

Friday, January 14, 2011

There is nothing unattached about the tethers of a night together

Jan 14, 2011

I took some bad advice and attempted briefly to approach life and relationships like a guy. What this means in general terms (to those who were advising, and possibly equally benefiting) is to approach sex as simply sex - with no strings attached, enjoy it for the evening, and consider it something to tap into when needed, carnal, simple, fulfilling. Because, as many a male friend of mine suggested, it's just sex.

Well, as it turns out - sex is not "just" anything. It's actually an emotional imperative, a definition, an expression of closeness, and when we let you into our bodies, we must respect that there is nothing about it that's "just" anything. It's a simple fact of biology - I'm not a no strings attached woman and I don't think there are many of those out there.

I am a romantic, I am passionate, I like sunsets, feeling safe in your arms, staring at the stars, watching the ocean together, and I like the fire. You may be my current muse, you may be my lover, or you may someday be my husband, but you will be my something. You won't be "just" anything. There is nothing unattached about the tethers of a night together and I cannot pretend that it will ever work for me. I'm not alone - most women feel much the same.

So yes - it's true. We women can get laid any night of the week if we want to, but what we really want - is for you to fall in love with us, because every time we are there - exposed, vulnerable, and divinely feminine in our exchange, we are falling a little bit in love with you and those are the heart strings to which we will always remain attached.