Sunday, December 12, 2010

Manthropology - A study of archetypes

Dec 12, 2010

Perfectly polished nails type out some thoughts on men after a fabulous weekend in Las Vegas. I am no expert, but I do adore them - confusing, compelling, intriguing, and fun. Men are decidedly different than women. Their independence is powerful. I can only hope, as a profoundly proud woman, to someday achieve such independence. Unlike women, men - when they realize they are simply an accessory, can detach. We as women cling, grasp, attempt to create relevance where there is none. A man can rarely be played when it comes to love or lust. Women seemingly always want more.

So my mantra is "Do No Harm" and fortunately it seems my material is sufficiently self protected and not easily harmed. Fantastic! I will conduct my investigation into the better understanding of men with that in mind. I do not intend to fall in love with any of my archetypes and will carefully protect my emotions when learning from them. I will date each type of man, know him, witness his experience with me, and reflect upon the translation as it applies to falling in love.

Guided by my dearest board of directors (my gay friends) I will be reminded of the rules when it comes to men.

1) I cannot change them. (nobody can)
2) I cannot fix things that are innately wrong - in interaction, emotion, connection.
3) Their history defines them as much as mine defines me.
4) Men are simple.
5) So are women.

and lastly

6) We all do secretly want to fall in love when the time comes.

But that time - is not now.

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